Technology, though, if our preference or not, we have already put into every aspect of our lives. So, even when considering these issues I need to look at images from the Internet, and write using my tablet..At Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, free wireless internet available everywhere, enslaved thousands of people in the waiting saloons, heads all bend forward, having been broken from the world, just indulged to smartphones or tablets. The 3-4 year-old babies watching cartoons on the tablets, using it as skillfull as a baby bottle,at the sam time retired ladies and gentlemen over 70 years old, no matter which country they are from, are in social networking shares..a very familiar picture, a common picture we may face wherever we go nowadays.

We live in an age that we feel naked and vulnerable, with constant restlessness when our mobile phone is not with us. Naturally, we often ask the question “what were we doing in the past ??”..We are likely to have forgotten how we communicated without technology. Yesterday I very clearly saw the answer in Cuba. In this respected country where internet and smartphones are not popular even in the largest city, Havana, people had not distorted the overall face to face communication. A rubber ball or a wooden toy is enough for the presence of childrens intimate sharings, where the olders keep the small traders affections and street chats of the neighbors in front of the doors of the houses even a nail is not driven for 40 years. Although we have forgotten, life was exactly like that for those X generation and older, like me. So how is the picture in Havana? Music everywhere, entertainment at every corner, and most importantly, a lot of smiles, lots of hearty laughter and happy conversations.


The picture for sure destroys the idea of necessity of technology to be happy, furthermore, leads to think as if technology is just an instrument to miss the good old days. But we still say “at least we should not give up internet..!” helplessly. “We can not be happy without technology” is no longer so easy for me to say ..