Are you a Manager or a Leader??

We all know that “Management” and “Leadership” are different concepts from each other but complement of each other at the same time. Management, often, is just a title given… So just a task given by the authority to direct a particular unit, a company even to govern the country… Leadership is not a title that can be given, unfortunately, it is a character. Many times managers are not selected by looking at his leadership qualification, but a manager that has leadership qualities not only manages but also directs and leads community at the same time. There are two points of view on this subject :

According to leadership definiton that has gone on for a long time, leader is the person who is followed.

On the other hand since the recent past, leader is considered as the one who properly organizes the community and runs towards the common goal together with the community he directs.

A leader manager, with no doubt, should be a “pattern” or “role model”…a role model who is listened to and followed what he does… Waiting a business discipline from employees whose manager doesn’t have that discipline can only be a funny joke 🙂 . A manager who usually attends late to meetings can not be the authority anymore for the meetings he arranges in his department. Similarly, the manager’s working hours can be flexible compared to employees, but disuse of this benfit and being sensitive to working hours and company’s general rules leads to gain respect. Team members of such a disciplined manager take him as a reference, respect and rarely break the rules of the company as shift hour fit etc.

Other important issue managers should pay attention is being at an equal distance to all employees or team members. If the leader manager is at the center of a circle rather than an ellipse, he can omit the weakest link of the chain while managing the probable conflicts in the team. The manager who has an image of “equal distance to everybody” and objective point of view, will gain the most difficult to achieve, but an essential character, inspiring confidence.

Perhaps the most important point, a lead manager who is seen as a role model on the team, creates new leaders with this character …