High Level Management

Setting Managerial / Operational Strategies, Strategical Planning, Feasibility Analysis and Investment, Long-term Roadmapping.

R&D and Technology Management

Foundation and management of R&D Organization for electrical-electronics-electromechanics sectors. Project Management System adaptation, research and development on academic and scientific base for industrial product designs.

Strategical organization and management of technical departments, especially R&D, Production, Quality and Test.

Quality System Management

Founding, adaptation and certification of Quality Management System, Quality Control System as for ISO 9001 basis.

Directing the Quality Control and Assurance  under systematics as Incoming Quality Control, Process Quality Control, Outgoing Quality Control, Quality Documentation etc. Handling the requirements of CE marking and certification of products from Certification Bodies as TSE, BSI, KEMA-DEKRA, UL, CSA, TÜV etc.

Test Engineering

Foundation of Test Engineering Department for supporting Quality Department and R&D Department, including test environments, test standards and test techniques. Planning, organizing and conducting EMC, LVD, Mehnaical, Environmental, Climatical, Funcitonal Tests etc. according to standards and routines. Organizing engineering teams of evaluating test results and suggesting improvements for electrical-electronics and electromechanical products. Establishment of measurement accuracy and calibration laboratories.

EMI / EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

Establishment of a fully equipped EMC – TEMPEST Test Laboratory where tests according to civilian, military and NATO standards can be done. Managing EMC Test Laboratory.

Preparing national standards and documentation on EMI / EMC. Support for EMC design and upgrading of equipment both for govermental-military and private bodies. Trainings and consultancy on PCB, device and system based EMC, for Beginner-Medium-Advanced level. Theoretical studies for research and development on Electromagnetics.

 TEMPEST, (Advanced) Information Security

TEMPEST (electromagnetic emanations from IT equipment) test laboratory establishment, forming literature, preparing civilian and military directives and standards, test and approval of the equipment, installation or institution according to directives and standards, TEMPEST testing and evaluation of buildings and equipment.

Managing TEMPEST projects, where national TEMPEST proof IT equipment, power and signal line filters are designed and developed. Professional interest on advanced information security and intelligence on optical, acoustic or electromagnetic subjects. R&D Management on advanced electronics and information security.

 Consultancy and Training

Training courses and consultancies on EMI / EMC, EMC design for equipment, PCB level EMC design, EMC testing, electromagnetics, TEMPEST proof equipment, installation and building design, TEMPEST testing, information security requirements, standards and directives etc. Consultancies on Quality Management Systems, Test Engineering, R&D Engineering and Management, Technical Calibration.

 Civilian & Military Standardization

Preparing civilian and military standards and directives on EMC, TEMPEST, secure electrical and signal lines installation, intelligence countermeasures. Acting as the authority of government for approval according to the standards and directives.

Electrical Engineering & Installation

Consultancy and training to private companies and public bodies for the compliance with standards and directives of electrical installation, grounding, protection against lightning, ESD etc. Following national and international standards and directives

High Voltage Technique

Theoretical and practical studies on testing, generating and protecting against Electromagnetic Pulse, lightning, High Power Microwave etc. Construction of a High Voltage Laboratory and pulse voltage generator systems.