In today’s market conditions, competition comes from the state, “early bird catcehs the worm” structure. Therefore, especially in the technology sector, launching  a product before its competitors on the market is crucial… For a very small percent of serial production industries, it is possible to have constant turnover without making almost no changes .. But for most of business, innovation is the condition to grip. For particularly technological industries, the period between the formation of new idea and the release should be roughly 12-15 weeks. Companies who miss this dynamic speed, if showing up in a market of competition, will also miss the train.

Great thinking, leader companies or the ones that want to be a leader therefore give special importance on Research and Development (R & D). Even they give more importance to innovation, R & D, than the production of existing products.

R & D, includes two concepts, when used in combination, that seem a little away from their meaning of singular:

Research can be summarized as, to obtain, to collect and revealing deployment of useful information for today or tomorrow, for use in a specific application, for commercial or scientific purposes.

Development is a more concrete concept. For commercial or scientific purpose, to improve the situation, conversion of the knowledge to practice,  or  even with sharper words serving the information to production that is deployed by research.

We are great importance attached R & D company ..!

So for what purpose does the R & D work? Works for humanity, scientific R & D is carried out and the results are intended for the benefit of humanity. Works for taking the lead of the competition in the business sector. Works for increasing marketing power, sales…and works for prestige… Yes, prestige… for many companies it glorifies the name of the company to say “we are doing R & D“.

R & D, which stands for Research and Development according to the definition I gave above , is widely being used far from its real meaning. It should be noted that the “research” term is primarily part of a very pretentious expression. There are very few companies really engaged in research in the business sector. Research is mainly done by public institutions, research organizations and academic institutions, so mostly do academicians .. As I mentioned in the definition of it, development has a concept that is a bit more practical .

R & D or P – D???

For most of the companies , the structure which is pronounced as R & D, is in fact P – D, “Product Development”. Product Development is more for commercial purposes . P – D has less innovative aspect where certain techniques are usually applied repeatedly . Making improvements over existing products or implementing the information revealed by R & D on their products . P – D costs are often much lower than the costs of R & D because mainly a ready-made infrastructure is used .

Considering all these, especially for medium-sized companies, it is important to do P – D frequently , but in certain periods to do R & D is essential .