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Quality Tests

When comparing especially the mass-produced products, at first we prefer the quality ones. However, on the base that quality is not a concrete term, according to what are we going to make our preference?? Of course, we are going to choose the products that has various checks carried out and the results have been reported. Thus, the answer to this question, products that are approved after a number of tests and the positive results reported, points out the quality…

At this point “Quality Testing” is activated…In fact, it is not correct to make a limitation with the name quality tests. Because it is possible to create numerous tests that can be applied to the product. We can say that the tests vary according to sector. However, a common title may be verification tests of products, if capable of fulfilling their duties as acceptable. These tests are generally called Function Tests.

Function Tests

A voltmeter to correctly measure the potential connected to its measurement terminals, the computer screen to display the image correctly, a product packaging to have the property to protect and keep the content rigit, the car’s central locking system to be able to lock and unlock  at each toggling smoothly etc…These are already the expected features to be borne. Function tests are generally the control of the functions specified in the using manual. Therefore, the rules are generally put by the manufacturers.

Aesthetic Test

Another expected verification to be met is receipt of the purchased product complete, robust and error free, so the quality of the products before being placed will need to pass controls of this style. More often named as “Physical Control or Aesthetic Test performed in the quality testing covers the appearance of the product, any abnormalities (scratches, cracks, abuse or misuse printing, etc..), all its parts is packaged (user manual, installation CD, hanger bracket etc..) and  confirmation of the packaging, done right or not. The consumer facing a different product from the expected one after opening the packaging, or experiencing a product label that’s torn or scratches on the display will have doubt about the manufacturer’s quality.


Type Tests

There is a third type of quality test performed which is more technical and challenging. “Type Tests” in general are for the product to fulfill its function, under the conditions given in standards, without errors, being defected or negative results. These tests can greatly vary according to industry, product and standards. If we go through the examples of the function tests given above; voltmeter to perform correct voltage measurements under the high magnetic field, computer screen to display the image when faced with a voltage pulse generated by a lightning falling nearby, product packaging to keep its contents under the vibration conditions simulating transportation, or the car’s central locking system to make locking or unlocking at each press, even in very cold conditions…Type Tests as we can see here, are verification of the performance of the product under different physical, climatic, electrical, mechanical etc. conditions. Tests can rarely be carried out in real environment with real conditions, but generally in laboratories where requirements are met by setting some simulations according to the standards.

The certificates gained and the reports taken after the tests performed are the quality documents of the products we have bought…

R & D Organization

It is clear that especially the research part of R & D is not very easy. Therefore, to make development with the information previously conducted research, is a priority of most companies. If being pioneer or leader is the targeted position, investment on R & D costs would be slightly higher. The R & D done for the purpose of “Being the first!” has a quite high risk. A research conducted for a long time and spending much money, can result without any particular return. This sometimes is also encountered in the development stage. Although the investment on R & D always contains a high risk, the earnings bar is also very high in case of success. In fact, we can briefly say that R & D is the “investment for the future”.

“Spend today to win tomorrow..!” 

The followed R & D policy of the company, should be in line with the company’s strategy. Carrying out the policy in accordance with strategies is directly indexed with the success of the R & D Management.

So, how should the structure of R & D be in the company?? In fact, as a part of the company’s, implicitly R & D is also managed by the Top Management . Overview, funding or expectations of Top Management for R & D, is the basis of structuring and management of it. First of all, a progressive, beliving to dynamism, open to development, above all, “ready to spend today to win tomorrow” top management is a must…It is very important how the organization is founded; generally vertical management structure like construction contracting companies, often prevents the works to be conducted by R & D with the desired speed, and the procedures, approval mechanisms would be an obstacle to getting effective results. However, the exact horizontal management organization in some respects impair the functioning of the system. Top Management to be in touch with the research or development staff at every second, sometimes transcend the purpose of this communication and can turn to direct intervention. In any type of management style, it is not familiar for the Top Management to know what does each researcher do or the timetable of the work the researcher conducts… Beyond knowing this, if the top management deals with and effects the workplan or division of tasks, we can say that hardly nothing is left to be expected from R & D personnel. Because the R & D staff who knows that his business is directly queried by the top management, now becomes away from the target of doing the job correctly, he dedicates himself to finish it as son as possible, starts the evaluation of the commercial aspect of the business, gives up technical requirements for profitability etc.

I had mentioned the difference of P – D with R & D and as well nowadays most of the commercial companies make Product Development under the name Research & Development, in my previous article entilted “R & D and the Companies”. Therefore it would be more correct to use the term Product Development which is more relevant to companies…

It is very important where the R & D is positioned within the organization of the company. To be located as possible independent place will help to ease the process, but also being in a flow where access to the management is not difficult will accelerate the process. Here the link with other groups in the organization and position, should be shaped according to the company’s strategy and policy. P & D department which is located directly under a management that is Sales and Marketing weighted or in the influence area of it will probably cause some negatives as spending much time investigating unnecessary customer requirements or to be distanced from detailed technical works or quality aspects to increase the commercial profit. An opposite domination in the organization will reversely create different problems to Sales Departments as being forced to sell products not shaped according to the demands of customers but whatever the R & D department has developed… If the company policy has a mission to be pioneer, leader, but without compromising on quality and setting it priority as a condition, then P – D should not have any authority on Quality department in the organization, moreover reverse the dominant hierarchy, the structure becomes P – D managed or driven by quality requirements.

R & D or  P & D organization, no matter where it is in the scheme of the company, the main factor that determines its location of the operation is the proper management. Company management carried out in accordance with correct R & D management and the policy…

Morning Exercises

Are we being awakened when we come to work in the morning?

No matter  at what time of night we go to bed, it always feels hard to get up in the morning and go to work. Most of the time we face to such a lots of people going to work in public transport vechiles, transport services or even in the cars we use, who still exactly hasn’t woke up … it is quite common to wake up after drinking coffee in the office. From the days when I started my career till today, I continue to start the day early, which is a way of life I gained from my student years. On the base stands discipline, then you pick it up as a habit, so it is easy to maintain …

The time to start to day should not be the time you enter the office, or get on the service bus or leaving the house..!

Weekdays in the mornings, I can briefly state that getting up at least 1 hour before you leave home, doing the personal hygiene and making sufficient execise saves the whole day. The “sufficient” expression is important, because, we let our body into the rest all night, and forcing it to a sudden and coercive sport is especially risky for heart health. Early in the morning to do exercises generally based to flex muscles, but necessarily in a section including light and not very long-term  instantaneous burst (short-term jogging, jumping, series push-ups, sit-ups or pull-ups, etc.), is the golden key to win the day. After the fitness, a good breakfast to meet the rush of the day means taking the golden key on a golden tray. Now that what I’ve written, early get up, doing exercise, then a good breakfast sounds quite utopian, but belive me it’s not hard to .. it becomes addiction after you get used to it..

In the service bus, while your collegues are sleeping or staring around with sleepy eyes, you will  already have started the day, looking for a book to read during the journey or chatting with a friend who has started the day like you.This means that you can dream of the well-done coffee that you are going to drink just for “joy” when you reach to the office… You will observe that the morning execises keeps you fit whole day, thus increasing your work efficiency. And if you have a manegerial position where you work, you will be a role-model for your employees …

Look to the CEOs of the companies of which have grandeur names. .. Or to successful business people…You will see that they have applied their disciplines not only to their professional career, and also to their lives, and they have discovered the importance of the exercises done in the start of the day…

R & D and the Companies

In today’s market conditions, competition comes from the state, “early bird catcehs the worm” structure. Therefore, especially in the technology sector, launching  a product before its competitors on the market is crucial… For a very small percent of serial production industries, it is possible to have constant turnover without making almost no changes .. But for most of business, innovation is the condition to grip. For particularly technological industries, the period between the formation of new idea and the release should be roughly 12-15 weeks. Companies who miss this dynamic speed, if showing up in a market of competition, will also miss the train.

Great thinking, leader companies or the ones that want to be a leader therefore give special importance on Research and Development (R & D). Even they give more importance to innovation, R & D, than the production of existing products.

R & D, includes two concepts, when used in combination, that seem a little away from their meaning of singular:

Research can be summarized as, to obtain, to collect and revealing deployment of useful information for today or tomorrow, for use in a specific application, for commercial or scientific purposes.

Development is a more concrete concept. For commercial or scientific purpose, to improve the situation, conversion of the knowledge to practice,  or  even with sharper words serving the information to production that is deployed by research.

We are great importance attached R & D company ..!

So for what purpose does the R & D work? Works for humanity, scientific R & D is carried out and the results are intended for the benefit of humanity. Works for taking the lead of the competition in the business sector. Works for increasing marketing power, sales…and works for prestige… Yes, prestige… for many companies it glorifies the name of the company to say “we are doing R & D“.

R & D, which stands for Research and Development according to the definition I gave above , is widely being used far from its real meaning. It should be noted that the “research” term is primarily part of a very pretentious expression. There are very few companies really engaged in research in the business sector. Research is mainly done by public institutions, research organizations and academic institutions, so mostly do academicians .. As I mentioned in the definition of it, development has a concept that is a bit more practical .

R & D or P – D???

For most of the companies , the structure which is pronounced as R & D, is in fact P – D, “Product Development”. Product Development is more for commercial purposes . P – D has less innovative aspect where certain techniques are usually applied repeatedly . Making improvements over existing products or implementing the information revealed by R & D on their products . P – D costs are often much lower than the costs of R & D because mainly a ready-made infrastructure is used .

Considering all these, especially for medium-sized companies, it is important to do P – D frequently , but in certain periods to do R & D is essential .